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Gp wont give me dr skinner referral ... How else can i get one?

I asked gp for referral he said he wont do it and as hes head of the health centre no other doctor is going to either as they all consult him.

How else can i get one?

Could i get a private gp appointment for 15mins and get them to do it would they be able to refuse if ive paid the money to see them?

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I'm not sure my Gp would not give me one to see him either, so I looked for another Endo and my gp gave me a referral letter x


Hi cheers but there isnt any other endos in my area that i want to see thats the problem.x


Would post, on availability of free second opinions, by ellarose1234 help?

Worth a try, though this might not be exactly what you need.


It would be worth phoning your local private GP and asking the question.

I know the ones local to us will refer to Dr Skinner.

Alternatively I have just squeezed an prescription for 75mcg levo out of my GP by saying that if he wasn't prepared to support me and work with me on this then I would have to ask him to refer me to Dr Skinner!

There is more than one way of killing a cat!



My sister had the same problem as you. She desperately wanted to see Dr. S and paid £100 plus to see a private doctor...who refused to refer her. Money down the drain and a very upset sister I can tell you.


Did your sister manage to see him? If so how?



No! that's what I was saying. She went to a private doctor to get a referral and the doctor refused. She still hasn't managed to see him and she's £100 lighter!


There was a recent post on this forum, click on this link and scroll down to the section starting - I sent a four page letter explaining every symptom and sign;

The power of the written word!



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