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Hands and feet perspiring!

I don't know what is going on - due to start on my 25mcg trial of thryoxine tomorrow - so meds yet.

All the symptoms for hypo - one being cold hands and feet. This last week I have been getting really sweaty hands and feet - I know the weather had been exceptionally hot most days. Any ideas. Someone suggested that I may have Hashimotos rather than just hypo?

Does anyone else hypo have this problem with the heat. I am finding it hard to tolerate most days, it feels like it is slowing me up even more.


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Hi Stacey,

I've been getting really sweaty hands and feet this week too - it may just be the abnormally hot weather.

However, I have always had sweaty feet in the summer. Not sure if it's a hypo symptom or not!


I seem to recall you're taking some sort of adrenal support? If so, maybe could that be contributing?

Hashimotos would be indicated by a positive antibody test, but I think that was not the case for you?

Heat intolerance can be a symptom of hypo. I've noticed I have more of an issue with this when my dose is off kilter.

Humidity has been higher recently too, which means the body has to work harder (sweat more) to cool down.


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