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Laser surgery

Hi everyone I made the choice to have laser surgery. Luckily for me having an under active thyroid would not effect me. People have over active thyroid. My eye sight is not that good for driving long distance. Had it done at ultra lase on Saturday. 3hrs of mild pain after the op. fantastic surgeon and staff. Went back yesterday to check my eyes to make sure the flap was ok. I could read the bottom line in less than 16 hrs. 20/20 vision. Could not read any letter before the op. HD vision. I could not read any of the bottom 3 when I was about 10.

My night vision has improved as well. The doc said that my vision has not healed yet and my vision can only get better. I will end up better than 20/20. Basically like a hawk. It's the best thing I have ever done worth every penny puts you on cloud nine.

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I had mine done a couple of years ago. Best thin I ever did. Glad it went well for you.


Thanks. Have you found your eye sight is as good when you had the surgery. I have been told this is a permeant result and should last a lifetime. I have been told I will have to wear reading glasses in about 6/7 years time due to the ageing process. Hopefully they may of found a way to do this as well. With modern technology today anything is possible.


I had what they call 'blended vision' which basically means they do not fully correct one eye and should push back the age at which reading glasses are needed. I had my surgery when I was 44 but my reading vision was still perfect at the time - just couldn't see anything else (my prescription was around -6.5 to a -7). My eyes are great now - get a slight halo around lights at nighttime but my nighttime vision was never particularly good anyhow. I don't have to have glasses for anything at the moment although that could changel


I had a power of -5 and -2 for my both eyes. I used contacts and glasses both simultaneously as per my convenience. I could only see my power flaring up even after following what my doc said, that is to keep glasses all the time. One of my friend suggested me to do a laser vision correction procedure from See By Intravision in Oakville. This helped me realize my dream without glasses and contacts very easily.


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