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How do a prevent getting prickly heat?

I've just started exercising again after quite a break and I'm loving it, unfortunately as I don't sweat very much due to hypothyroidism my face then turns into a beetroot and because I'm not folding down like I would if I was able to sweat my face is covered in a heat rash! Prickly heat on the face is a bad look! Can anyone make any suggestions, Thank You X

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I used to use, many years ago in the tropics, a talc made by Johnsons for prickly heat. It obviously won't be suitable for use on the face but your pharmacist may be able to let you know the active ingredient and of any creams containing it. I get a similar rash on my forehead and sometimes on my cheeks which is a mild form of Acne Rosacea, I'm lucky as it only really shows up when I drink wine. Hope you will find something to help soon. x


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