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New here, too high a dose?


As the title says I'm new here and am looking for some advice please,

I was diagnosed with over active thyroid around 4 weeks ago, 9 weeks after having my little boy.

My consultant said it could be graves because my levels were so high ( 97? ).

He put me on 20 mg of carbimazole twise daily and 80mg of beta blockers.

I was feeling fine before being diagnosed so I didn't really know what was going on to be honest.

Well around 4 days ago I started feeling VERY dizzy, and after pushing to be seen by a doctor my pulse was too slow ( 43 bbm ) so he took me off the beta blockers and give me 10mg incase I feel I need one if my heart goes fast.

I'm still feeling very dizzy and tired, which is very annoying when I've got to look after a 13 week old.

My pulse rate now at rest is 60 but just by me doing my hair it goes up to 120, should I take the 10mg beta blocker?

But my question is do you think my dosage of carbimazole is too high? It's a Saturday so my consultant obviously isn't in work and I don't know what to do:(

I'm starting to feel very down about it all.

My next blood test is the 19th so in two weeks and my last one was around 4-5 weeks ago

If you could answer my questions I'd be very grateful. Thank you

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I cannot answer your question but I can say that when I was diagnosed with hypo my TSH was 100 but I was hypo not hyper.

When you next get your blood tests done get a copy of each one from your surgery complete with the ranges as we need the ranges as labs differ throughout the country and enables a better reply. If you have queries post your blood results on a new question.

This is a link re pregnancy and you can read from the third letter onwards as it explains what can happen re pregnancy/thyroid.

I hope you feel better soon and you will see from one of the replies to the above link that sometimes the thyroid gland problem may be temporary in pregnancy.


No a 40 mg daily dose is standard when your levels are so high. I assume you mean your T4 levels. What was your TSH level?

I have sympathy as I have had hyper problems for a few years and have 3 kids aged 9, 5 and 3. It could be that you have high blood pressure as I do and at this early stage in your thyroid journey most exercise can set your heart racing. I could not tolerate the beta blockers over time as they made me dizzy too.

You need to ask for an antibodies test as this could be post partum thyroiditis and not Graves and could pass quickly. An antibodies test would help determine what you have.

Do ask for all your results and keep them safe. Get your bloods done every 6- 8 weeks and ask to see an endo if you havent been to one already. Keep asking questions it will help with any panicky feelings. All the best.


Thankyou both for the replys.

Well my pulse has been up to 90-98 today because I came off beta blockers 3 days ago, went to out of hours just now and dr told me to take 10mg morning noon and evening and to have bloods done if I don't feel any better.

I've just had enough now, I've been on and out of the doctors all week and on the phone to the nhs every night.

The dr then told me that usually some people's hearts go mad and go up to 140 for no reason and to ring an ambulance right away, so that's now scared the hell out of me.

I just want to feel OK again.

Green ginger- I dunno if it was my tsh or t4 he just said it was 97 and was concerned, he saw me the day after my blood test because he was so worried.

Please tell me it gets better, I felt fine 4 days ago now everything has gone balls up. It doesn't help my other half is away this week so I don't know how I'll manage with my baby.


I'm going to try to locate an article on selenium. I've read it can reduce antibodies and useful for Graves. I was on PTU before I became pregnant and then took no meds afterward so maybe it will pass. Scroll down to Graves and then Symptoms:


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