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Confusion over some tests

I had a 'special' blood test (so my doctor called it) done last week to see if I have any issues with my thyroid, since I've been suffering with a lot of the symptoms of an under-active thyroid, I think the test was something to do with T4? I'm not totally sure, either way these apparently came back clear, but I had an ultrasound of my thyroid done today and my thyroid is 100% abnormal it's swollen and everything like that, so I'm wondering what all this means and I couldn't think of a better place to try and find some answers.

I've also been told that there is something wrong with my immune system but I had no idea what problem that is, also I'm anaemic apparently.

Any help at all with this issue is massively appreciated.

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Well, it sounds as if you have autoimmune thyroiditis, then. Or Hashimoto's as it is called. This will gradually kill off your thyroid and leave you increasingly hypo. And you will need increasing amounts of replacement thyroid hormone.

One very big tip - your doctor said your blood test was 'clear'? (Not a term they usually use, usually it's 'fine' or 'ok'. lol) BUT, his idea of what is good and what isn't possibly won't be yours. Get copies of your blood tests with the actual figures and ranges so that you can keep track of exactly what is going on yourself and not rely on him/her. Post the results on here and someone will be able to help you understand them.

Hugs, Grey


That sounds lovely lol, I'm sure I will find out eventually when my doctor decides to pull his thumb out lol.

That's what he said, 'clear' ; I will be doing when I next go to my doctors, and I'll be sure to put the results up here so I can try to make some sence of them

Thank you for the response, it is greatly appreciated :)


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