Unexplained rash

Hi everyone not been on here for a while as everything seems ok but today I have noticed I have a rash on both my arms and I don't know why, it isn't a heat rash as I don't sit in the sun because I don't like it and it doesn't like me so I was wondering if it could be to do with my under active thyroid.

Has anyone had the same problem or is it just me?


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  • Have you just started or changed your meds as I got a rash when I started Armour. I stopped taking it and when I started again I didn't get it.

  • Could still be heat rash dont need to be out in the sun to get it

  • Hi could be so many things, allergies, new washing soap, your self or clothes, skin problem from having thyroid disease ( common).Eczema and Psoriaosis ( cortisone creams used ) I would see, if it does not settle see a GP. Although I have to say my G P `seem incapable of diagnosing even Skin cancers etc. I always ask 3 and then end up seeing a Dermy , as told , not, it is fine!

    Make sure you use plenty of non allergic moisturiser , Also you could try HC cream, bought over the counter, so weak, it would not harm., but not on face.

    Best wishes,


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