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"normal" blood tests and when to ask for repeat tests or further investigation?


I have no diagnosis of hypothyroid but I guess my question is more of a general one anyway.

I have a whole host of physical symptoms, the most problematic being: chronic pain & muscle stiffness, stiff & red hands (to the point where using a computer mouse is hard work and others have commented on how red they are), swelling in the legs/feet that "pits" when pressed on. Mental issues are poor concentration, constant hunger, weight gain, tiredness and low mood.

I had a lot of tests done for autoimmune arthritis, lupus, thyroid and so on and they came back clear so I got labelled with a fibromyalgia type of problem. However I don't feel that is really a diagnosis as the research I have read seems to say that fibromyalgia is basically just a word for a group of symptoms and often the cause is un-diagnosed physical problem like hypothyroid, hormones, etc.

My question is now I have been labelled with this 'diagnosis' of fibromyalgia, how often is it reasonable to ask the GP to re-test for the other things? At what point do I cross the line into hypochondria when I keep asking the DR to re-test for diseases when they seem to think the problem is trivial or "all in my head"?

The last lot of tests I had done was 1 year ago.


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Hi Yenool, if you are feeling ill, you are not a hypochondriac (don't believe in hypochondriacs, anyway, I think that's just an excuse doctors give for not investigating people complaints!).

But first things first: have you got copies of all your blood tests? If not, do ask for them, it is your legal right to have them (with ranges) so that you can get a clearer idea of what is going on - never trust a doctor to know what is good and what isn't, always insist on seeing the figures and check for yourself. Then post them here and someone will be able to help you understand them.

You are right about fibro, it is just an easy cope-out for lazy doctors, and you shouldn't accept that so-called 'diagnosis' - you can't be diagnosed with a syndrome, anyway, it would be like being 'diagnosed' as having a sneeze when you actually have a cold!

Hugs, Grey


Hi Grey,

Thanks for that.

I think that when you have a long standing problem and don't really know what it is (or at least aren't convinced by the diagnosis), it makes it so much harder to deal with. When people ask why are you in pain, why are you tired, unable to concentrate, etc, you never know what to say!

I think a year (well just shy) isn't a short period of time and given my symptoms are the same and probably worse I am going to go back and ask for a another screen for thyroid, arthritis / inflammation, anemia and so on.

Something isn't right and while I accept depression could cause aches and pains I don't think it can cause visible swelling & redness! Nor do I think weight gain is a symptom? I only have to look at a cake to gain 2lbs and losing it again requires iron will power. Plus I get exhausted after even moderate exercise which is a double whammy!

I am going to investigate doing a medical records access request to get hold of all my tests from the last 4 or 5 years.


Hi Yes, vital to have blood results + ranges, for any blood test, anywhere.

Also for thyroid be sure to have tSH, T4 and Free T3 done., for a correct diagnosis.The symptoms you prescribe in th second post ar clearly indicative of thyroid disease. If GP will not do the 3 tests, minimum, you can get them through Blue Horizon, main site gives, venous or easier finger prick. £60-£70 if you quote TUK 10. Well known Lab to show any doc.Iron/ferritin should always be much higher than the 10 GP`s say is Ok.

Best wishes,


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