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Silly question? Doctor reports no muscle wasting but how could she tell when she did not lift up trousers??

I recently had a neuro exam. The doctor reports no muscle wasting in the letter to the gp. The thing is during the exam I wore black leggings and at no time were they pulled up for the doctor to examine my legs. She did not feel down my legs with her hands over my leggings either, just did the usual push/pull exam.

I could be being daft here but I don't see how she could report this if she did not see bare legs!

Any thoughts?

Carolineanne x

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She is probably looking at the outline of your muscles and is not seeing any muscle loss. Different (particularly neurological) conditions have specific patterns of muscle waisting. That doesn't mean that you don't have muscle weakness which she would have to check by asking you to resist movements. You can have disuse muscle wasting but if you live a reasonably normal life ie walk, do house work etc you probably are not showing any muscle loss.



Thanks for your reply Roslin

CA x


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