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My blood test results - are these really 'normal?

Just had my thyroid levels tested, results as follows:

Thyroid hormone test is 2.04

Free T4 level is 16.4

Thyroid peroxidase antibody is 6

Now I have no idea what 'ranges' they use (anyone know?), but the above results have been described by my doctor as 'normal' - does anyone agree with this?

And if they are 'normal', are they the lower or upper end of 'normal'? :-)

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You do need to get the ranges so just ask Receptionist at your surgery to print them out for you.


Why we ask for the ranges is that labs throughout the country use different ranges (for what reason I don't know) so it is important to post them.

I will say that your TSH at 2.04 may well be 'within normal range' but you should be looking for a TSH of 1 or below. If you still don't feel well on your above thyroid gland blood test results I would recommend getting a booklet from Amazon by Dr Toft. He has also said in an article in Pulse that some need the addition of T3 or a suppressed TSH. Unfortunately the GP's seem to be unaware of this requirement.



Thanks for the replies - I'll pop back to the surgery in a day or two and ask for a full printout. :-)


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