My blood test results - are these really 'normal?

Just had my thyroid levels tested, results as follows:

Thyroid hormone test is 2.04

Free T4 level is 16.4

Thyroid peroxidase antibody is 6

Now I have no idea what 'ranges' they use (anyone know?), but the above results have been described by my doctor as 'normal' - does anyone agree with this?

And if they are 'normal', are they the lower or upper end of 'normal'? :-)

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  • You do need to get the ranges so just ask Receptionist at your surgery to print them out for you.

  • Why we ask for the ranges is that labs throughout the country use different ranges (for what reason I don't know) so it is important to post them.

    I will say that your TSH at 2.04 may well be 'within normal range' but you should be looking for a TSH of 1 or below. If you still don't feel well on your above thyroid gland blood test results I would recommend getting a booklet from Amazon by Dr Toft. He has also said in an article in Pulse that some need the addition of T3 or a suppressed TSH. Unfortunately the GP's seem to be unaware of this requirement.

  • Thanks for the replies - I'll pop back to the surgery in a day or two and ask for a full printout. :-)

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