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Docs this morning

Hi everyone been to docs this morning explained how I have been feeling and asked why a repeat blood test after 12 weeks she said levels are supressed i was tested for FT3,FT4, and FSH I asked for chlorerestrol, ferrritin, folate,B12, diabetes to be done as well as repeat the other 3. She did not knoe what the antibody or hormone tests were is there a more specific name for these? and said they usually do Vit D as the results take weeks to come back, booked in to see senior GP on Friday. I also had a good discussionn with the nurse who took the blood she agreed it is all too easy to say you are stressed etc. when thyroid is the cause she also said as I am 54 menopause might be linked in if results come back ok might have to go down a different route of treatment, i asked for previous blood test results she said get all the results on Friday so you can compare them. I am feeling more positive now thanks to this website and good experience at doc's. Thank you all.

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Hi Thorn777

I asked for antibody tests at my surgery as I had a lot of trouble feeling able to ask my previous docs about them.

When I changed docs and went to the first appointment with my new one I said something along the lines of, "I believe something is wrong with my thyroid but I have not been tested for anti-thyroid antibodies. Is it possible I could be tested for these?" Mention also that the antibodies you would like checked are for Thyroid Perioxidase, or TPO, and Thyroglobulin (TG). That should be sufficient enough. I know that I've experienced some doctors during the uncertainty of my diagnosis not even know what the antibody tests are, but hopefully that should be fine.

Hormone tests I'm not entirely sure about, someone else might be able to help you with that. I myself have only been tested for TSH, Free T4 and anti thyroid antibodies.

Glas to hear that you're feeling more positive with this site and with your experience with the doctors and hope this helps!

Hope you feel better soon and get the answers you need!!



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