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This maybe helpful! Low TSH and need help convincing the drs its ok!

Hi, whilst searching for some research to show the consultant that i wont drop dead or break a bone because my tsh is very low (but i feel alot better on T3!) I came across this useful bit of information that has been released in the uk!

I shall be taking it to my next appointment.



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They've only had three years for this information to filter down. Glad everyone's on top of things.


Thank you! I know many people do ask about information like this. Now I have something to give to them - and it's British, which means hopefully our doctors will actually read it when we hand it too them :D

Thanks very much :)

Carolyn x


aww your welcome, its good to be able to put something helpful back on the site instead of just asking questions all the time!



This is just the information I've been looking for, and it's " British research" I've already printed it off ready for my next appointment,

thanks a lot.


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