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Hypothyroidism and liver problems? Also throat and neck pain, is that related to thyroid?

Have just had a phone call from the doctors' surgery and my Liver function is not normal, so I have to go back in 4 weeks for a retest. First question: Are there any links between liver disease, or other liver problems, and hypothyroidism?

Also I have periodic episodes of neck pain. When it occurs it just hurts, it hurts to move and to swallow, at first I thought I had a throat infection but it lasted weeks, then stopped, started again. I went through a period of it only hurting early evening, since I started taking my levo last thing at night. Before I took the levo at night, I would be woken in the night with neck pain and pain swallowing. Touching wood right now but it has been ok for a couple of weeks but was wondering if it was thyroid related or whether I was ignoring another problem? I have a terrible habit of ignoring aches and pains and putting them down to my thyroid.

TIA Donna x

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Hi Donna, the neck pain requires an ultra sound, if nodules or similar then a needle biopsy under an ultra sound by a radiologist.

LFT`s, if they are very off, it can effect all blood tests. Also as liver such a good organ, likely you need to see a Hepatologist, not a gastro! There are only a few Hepatologists, usually in large teaching hospitals that do transplant.If liver very bad, one is often yellow.It is easy for docs to put everything down to one thing only. This of course, not always so. Liver function can go off and and then recover. Sensible Gp to have repeat tests. It does depend on what LFT`s are Off. It may be simply diabetes, test for that? If gall bladder problems or pancreas ( autoimmune) they can also effect LFT`s, these are all best under a Hepatologist. I am assuming you have also had U`s and E`s, kidney as important. Why did you have the LFT`s done in the first place? Some tests cover more things than others so are better.

I hope that helps.


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Hi Donna, I have Hashi's and my Gamma liver test is always high. I have it checked at the doctors every month and it was coming down - next blood test on Friday. If it's still high, I'm going to request seeing a Hepatologist as I'm fed up with it.

Also, I've been having aches/pains/tenderness in my thyroid area for the last few weeks - hope to be referred back to consultant.

It's rubbish isn't it as I'm often achy all over with random pains!

Take care



Hi, I have Hashimoto's and abnormal Gamma GT and ALT in my LFT. It's been like that for a few years and no-one can tell me why. Having said that, I've only been to see a Gastroenterologist and not a Hepatologist. The Gastroenterologist did say that being under or over-medicated can cause abnormal liver function tests but I don't know if that's true. I'm very suspicious of what consultants and doctors tell me.



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