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Making sense of results? Should I persist?

Hello, I was hoping to get some opinions if possible?

The long and short of it is I'm showing lots of symptoms synonymous with Hashimoto's?

I had some bloods taken in the early part of May - The lab only tested my TSH which came back at 0.67. I returned to the surgery and requested antibody tests which the lab subsequently refused - it's unfortunate as the refused blood was drawn right in the middle of a flair up and my thyroid was noticably swollen.

After some pestering my GP agreed to reiterate the test. The bloods were drawn just under a week ago and I just got my results back - TSH 1.3, Free T4 of 10.1 and Free T3 of 5.5. It looks like they've once again refused to perform the antibody test as these were not included in the results.

The TSH change and borderline free T4 seem of interest but at this point it looks like I'm simply not going to get the antibodies tested on the NHS.

Am I going mad? Do these results indicate everything is fine and I'm just being a hypochondriac? Or do they not look quite right and maybe should I go private for the antibody test?

I'm very tired and confused at this point.


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Hi you need to know the ranges that your lab is using for these tests. You can ring doctors and ask for them.


Thanks very much for the response - I did some digging and found these values for the Lab though I can't vouch for their absolute accuracy.

TSH Plain 0.35–5.0 mIU/L

Thyroxine (free) Plain SST 7–20 pmolL

T3 (free) Plain SST 3.3–5.3 pmolL

If these are indeed correct it appears to indicate a my Free T4 is near the bottom of the range and a Free T3 actually over the range on top of a fluctuating TSH (my TSH back in 2010 was 2.3 with a free T4 of 9 - I believe the bottom of the range was 10).

I'm now even more confused?


Perhaps you and GP need to read this paper:

Interpretation of thyroid function tests, by Colin Dayan.

Type above into search engine, then click on the Keck School of Medicine reference - this has a free and printable version of Dayan's paper, unlike the other references.

I am not a doctor but you might agree that Panel 7 with its associated text possibly applies. ??

Hope this helps.


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