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Any holistic endo/endo you can recommend in London that familiar with Adrenal Insufficiency, I'm also thyroidless

We are planning to move to London from Hong Kong before end of this year. Any holistic endo/endo you can recommend that familiar with Adrenal Insufficiency, I'm also thyroidless . I have been taking Natural Dessicated Thyroid and I'm worried that I won't be able to get it there.



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Hi Sorry I do not live in London, but according to my experiences any good consultant is interested in holistic medicine, in fact they would not be much good if not. Regarding Adrenal insufficiency, the norm is to test for it from the start, treat the thyroid correctly and then see if adrenal glands need cortisone. This was round is safer cortisone if it can be avoided should be. My Endo always says the only good test for Adrenal glands, through a doc, 24 hour urine collection, cortisone tablet at midnight and a blood test at 9 am.

I hope you find someone, Louise has a short list of Endos, then if one seems Ok you can phone their secretary and ask!Also lots like alternative treatment with conventional

Best wishes,


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Jackie, thanks for your input. I had saliva tested last December and been taking Hydrocortisone for 6 months now + Natural Desicated Thyroid Erfa. Would like to just have an endo that is familiar with HC as some are not. Will try to contact Louise. Thanks again.



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