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Temperature and pulse monitoring

I have started monitoring my temperature morning and evening in preparation for my appointment with Dr P. The thing I have noticed is that my temperature is lower in the evening than in the morning. The same with my pulse, slower in the evening than in the morning.

Is this normal?

My pulse in normal but my temperature is low; the highest reading I have had is 36.5, the lowest 35.8 but most mornings it is 36.3 dropping to 36.1 in the evening.

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Hi It can be. Temp. is a good guide to thyroid disease but not fool proof. My thyroid has been stable for a long time, my temp. is still 35.4 as always! Temp does vary throughout the day for a variety of reasons. For this purpose I should stick with doing it once at the same time ( approx) a day.If you think you need your HR/ Pulse monitoring , this also would vary but if for a good medial reason, 3 times a day is the norm.. otherwise I would think unnecessary. blood tests far more important, thyroid TSH, T4 and Free T3, and before each drug rise Also the other autoimmune hormonal tests too.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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