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Thyroid blood testing query

I had a thyroid test last week (FT4 and TSH) from Blue Horizon (a home sample test). The results came back as 11.8 FT4 and 4.86 TSH.

I went to see my GP, who sent me for another standard thyroid blood test, which came back as 'normal'. I am now wondering what they are likely to have tested for, and whether they have a different range of what is considered normal.

I am really not sure where I go from here. I have had symptoms of hypothyroid for many years now.

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You have to assume that every lab uses a different reference range. (Might not be 100% true, but unless you know what range they use, they might as well be different!)

You really need to get the reference ranges and results from the NHS test - and the reference ranges from Blue Horizon.

Never, ever accept the word "normal".



Thanks very much for the reply. I've got the reference ranges for the Blue Horizon test - both T4 and TSH were slightly out of range. I'm not going to get anywhere with the GP, so I just wonder where to go from here.


Looks like it going to have to be new GP time! But get those results before you pull the plug and move on. :-)



Hi id you not ask for the essential FT3 test from b. H, , if you phone they may still have some blood and be able to add it, depends on time scale. You always need all 3 tests done.Gp being ridiculous. Find a good Endo who treats on symptoms together with bloods. If you think you need treatment, fight for it, it is your health. I suspect your FT3 is low with those , you may need treatment with T4 ( Levo) and T3. Only the 3 bloods will tell you, you also need other tests which an Endo should do automatically, as some can give the same symptoms, However with that TSH you do need treating.

Best wishes,


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