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Book a Holiday and Help Thyroid UK!

Book a Holiday and Help Thyroid UK!

Marz Jenkin, a Thyroid UK HealthUnlocked member, has a studio in an olive grove that they rent out. The studio is normally used by friends and family but Marz has kindly said that she will let it out to members of this online community and give a donation to Thyroid UK from each booking.

Betsy has one bedroom, and can accommodate up to two guests (single beds). With a large pool and a choice of beaches within ten to fifteen minutes drive, there's plenty of opportunity to swim, or simply lounge. You can also unwind with yoga sessions by the pool.

To book Betsy contact Marz via the “Contact Me” button on the right hand side of her web page and mention Thyroid UK to enable us to obtain the donation.

It looks absolutely fantastic and the perfect place to relax for a few days!

You can view Betsy at

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......Special Prices for Special People - so do get in touch for a quote ! It would be better to PM me on this forum. I will donate one nights stay to Thyroid UK. Any questions - do please ask !

Look forward to hearing from you...!


Ooh looks lovely what a lovely gesture donating to Thyroid UK. I am considering I could do with a holiday I will get back to you soon. Hugs Kerry xxx


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