hair loss and very very sore scalp, lumps and bumps UNDER the scalp, no scales or dry skin on head,

i was wondering if anyone else has had this. i was wondering if this is contributing to my lack of hair, ie. maybe it is congested in the hair roots,? i havent got much now but if i pull the 'roots'- it hurts like hell but i dont notice any pain if i dont touch the scalp, it appears to be only on the top. i thought perhaps this could be over acid body,? or that oxygen wasnt getting to th e roots or decent blood?... any ideas..xx

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  • I have the same at the moment pettals BUT I think mine is down to a stupid thing I did on Saturday. I was tying something on my apple tree which has lots of ants climbing over it (apparently I have an aphid problem) and got covered in them and started to notice on Monday a lumpy, itchy rash which is now driving me mad so can only assume that they didn't take to kindly to me messing about near them and have bitten You live and learn don't you.

    Moggie x

    p.s. If it doesn't clear up in a week or so I'll be back on to you to swap notes.

  • moggie my hair has slowly gone west and the soreness been there ages but lately it is worse than ever and hairloss worse than ever, i am inclined to think it may be an acid body i read from blackmores years ago about crystals under theskin on hair rootes i cant remebet wher i put the paper so much junkl here...

  • This is exactly what I have been suffering with for the past five years pettals, since the dreaded Trimethoprim antibiotic. Have been thinking lately that this is due to an over-acid body and have reluctantly been thinking of asking for Omeprazole as gaviscon does not seem to have much effect. Guess the cream cakes will not be much good though! Janet xx.

  • If you take omeprazole you need to make sure you get your magnesium tested regularly. There was an MHRA alert about this but many doctors still don't seem to be aware.

    Are you sure you have high stomach acid rather than low stomach acid? The symptoms are very similar, but low stomach acid is actually more common, causing reflux and pain and the other symptoms often associated with an acid stomach.

    Have you considered probiotics? A good live natural yogurt is all most people need but some people do need more. I'm not well versed in such things, I'm afraid, but it might be something worth looking into.

    I am intrigued about the lumps under the scalp. This is not something I have ever come across.

    Carolyn x

  • Hi Carolyn,

    Don't want to take Omeprazole, but can't think of anything else as have been taking Symprove for 4 months to no good effect and other probiotics as well as eating plain bio yoghurt. I can no longer stand the burning pain (not every night though) and awful powdery feeling in my mouth, which I have been told could be reflux. I am going to GP on Monday so will see if she has anything else to suggest, or if anyone on this site can suggest something then I will give it a try. Thank you for your information about Magnesium. Most useful to know and I will ask GP if she already knows. Regards, Janet.

  • Have you seen anyone about this Pettals? If your doctor doesn't know, your hairdresser might.

  • Perhaps it is folliculitis? It can cause hair loss.

  • carolyn i dont go hairdressers, ther is no hair to dress....

  • :( Perhaps your doctor might know? I hope you find the solution soon! It must be pretty distressing with all the symptoms you have.


    Carolyn x

  • I think Carolyn could be onto something here - I used to work as a Nurse on Dermatology ward (although it was a million years ago when the world was young & dinosaurs roamed free!)... Folliculitis sounds a reasonable possibility - in which case I'd recommend you seek your GPs support for appropriate treatment/ referral if required. Good Luck!

  • Pettals,

    I have been back on Nutri Adrenal for 2 weeks and already the condition of my hair has improved, although not my scalp yet. Janet xx.

  • yes on my last blog not this one--- i am sur ei read that poor adrenals poor hair, i read so much and post it and never get roundt o read it myself... suppose thats why i keep a dog and bark myself silly cow!

  • Pettals, I hope it is not this, but I do know someone online who has scarring alopecia - do you think this might be it? There's a link here to describe it....

    If it is this then I think you need to seek medical help as there may be treatments available to help.

  • thankyou for that A, I HOPE NOT, I DONT HAVE ANY DANDRUFF, OR PUS OR blisters, flaking,my scalp is actualy normal, just sore at the roots, i have kept that link, i a at my wits end, my hair has been falling out for years then got better and then falling out, but these last 3 years of severe illness which i think partly was adenal crisis which NOONE WANTED TO RECGOGNISE, i just dont know, i wonder if my folate is too low at 5.7 i wonder if i have low estrogen, low cortisol, low progesterone, low thyroid, low cortisol, it is a nightmare to get anyone doc or endo to undertake all this. hair goes, do the ycare no! i wonder how much thyroxine a normal body needs to function?

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