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Latest results, could someone help me please?

Hi all, I've just picked up my latest blood test results and I'm going to see the Endo next Tues, so wondered if you could all help first.

7 weeks ago i was on 175mcg Levo and the endo agreed to trial a T4/T3 mix for me, so reduced my T4 to 100mcg and included 10mcg of T3.

So, for 7 weeks i have been taking 100mcg T4 and 10mcg T3 and for the first 2 weeks, i felt great, but since then have got steadily worse with the joint pains, itching and everything seeming such a huge effort. I feel under medicated but looking at my results i dont know if the endo will feel the same.

Results are:

FT4 - 16.4 pmol/L (10.0 - 20.0)

TSH - 0.19 miu/L (0.2 - 4.0)

T3 - 1.4 nmol/L (0.9 - 2.5)

I feel like I'm really going to have to push for an increase and any help would be appreciated.

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It looks like you need a little more T3 and/or T4. Your T3 really needs to be in the top half of the range and increasing your T3 to 30mcg will probably achieve that. 75mcg is a lot to reduce your thyroxine by if only adding 10mcg of T3. 10mcg T3 is approximately equal to 40mcg of T4 (this is a rough guide to potency) so your T4 seems to have been replaced by too little T3. If your endo wanted to reduce your T4 by that much, it should really have been replaced by 20mcg T3 not 10mcg.

Some doctors believe the ideal hormone replacement pill would contain the ratio of 100mcg T4 to 10mcg T3 but this is only a ratio! You need a little more than that. As it is difficult to keep that ratio when making small increases, you will probably benefit from an increase in either T4 or T3. Given that you felt well initially, before your T4 levels would have dropped, I would think that a small increase in levo would probably help. Perhaps 25mcg to start with and then another 25mcg if needed. I really do think he reduced your T4 by too much.

I hope you manage to convince him to increase your dose of either.

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn, thats what i was thinking, but since i really didnt feel well on T4 only, I think I'm going to try for an increase of T3.

I appreciate you taking the time to answer :)


I think there is a page on switching from T4 to Armour and it gives the equivalent of T3 to T4 as well. I do not think that your change was correct but I could be wrong. I would ask for more T3 in any case.


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