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How should i be feeling two weeks post TT?


After a horrendous couple of years as a result of Hashimotos I had a total thyroidectomy two weeks ago and feel pretty awful - anxious, insomnia, depressed, just generally not right! Can anyone tell me if this is normal and how long before they started to feel well again?

Was taking 100mg thyroxine prior to op and am now on 150 mg. How long before levels stabilise?

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Hi, I had a TT also, and what you are feeling is normal. I felt very down, weepy and pretty damn crap really about 10 days after. Your meds will take a good 4 weeks to kick in, and sometimes it takes longer. Time is the answe. How is your scar feeling? Wish you a speedy recovery

lollybif in reply to Orangelady1

Thanks so much for your reply. my scar is fine and for a few days post op I felt remarkably well but seem to have gone down hill and feel really weepy and very anxious which is so hard to cope with. Just hope it improves as I want to return to work. Good to hear that you are well.

Aww you poor thing! It does get better, honest! I'm 3 months post op now and feeling so much better. I think by 2 weeks I was feeling physically ok but tearful.

I would go back o the doctor or do you have a follow up with the surgeon soon. I was having blood tests every 2 weeks post op for the first 8 weeks. Maybe you need to have your levels checked and also calcium and full blood count?

Take care of yourself- it's a very tiring process.

lollybif in reply to Mumtoboy

I too am feeling physically ok but the anxiety is awful. Post op check with surgeon at end of June but have an appt with my doc on Monday so will discuss with her. Am also taking 3 x 1000mg calcium daily as my levels dropped post op. Just want this nightmare to stop. Good to hear that you are now well.

Good luck for monday. Make sure they do a full thyroid profile, not just tsh.

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