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T3 stocks back to normal September!!!


Still looking for reasonable supply of T3, six days left . My consultant Doctor S, Doctor, and Pharmacist says nothing they can do. This is all due to one manufacturing company having the licence and monopoly.

The scottish parliament are being presented with a petition that will outline that more must be done on all aspects of T3 , adrenal research etc and the supply of T3.

We MUST get together and replicate this drive to have more of a coordinated approach to the use of T3 and the follow up research. We also require T3 to be manufactured under licence by more than one manufacturer in England asap!

Having felt so much better I do not wish to return to feeling so unwell. The lady who got her supply from Greece? was this under prescription? Are they from a licenced source? If private purchase how much and where in Greece?

Thank you

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In Greece T3 can be bought over the counter for a small number of Euros, I believe. No prescription is required. Perhaps someone will be able to provide some specific information. I don't know whether it is possible to order online but legally you are allowed to import from other countries a small amount for personal use (so a few months supply should fit this).

I'm afraid I am unable to answer the rest of your questions but I'm sure someone will be along who knows more.

Carolyn x


Jaro, Your GP and pharmacist CAN do something to hep you. The MHRA released information last week specifically outlining what can be done during this T3 shortage. It's perfectly possible for your pharmacist to obtain a European product such as the German T3 Thybon, which they should be able to have for you within a couple of days. The pharmacist just needs to inform the prescribing medic that they will be supplying you with the product instead of the UK product.

Here's the relevant paragraph from the MHRA:

Provision for supply of an unlicensed product

A provision exists within UK medicines legislation for the importation and supply of an unlicensed medicine to meet the special needs of individual patients. An example of what would be considered a special need would be where there is an interruption of supply of a patient’s usual medicine, and there is no alternative UK licensed product which that patient could take instead. The use of an unlicensed medicine is on the direct personal responsibility of the prescriber, hence the prescriber needs to know from the pharmacist that an unlicensed medicine is to be supplied. It would then be the pharmacy's responsibility to obtain the product from an authorised supplier of unlicensed medicines.

If a pharmacy is having difficulty in locating an authorised supplier then we would advise that they consult the trade press where such suppliers advertise their services. Should any pharmacist still be unable to locate an importer then they can contact the MHRA imports section on 020 3080 6715.

If you can, print out the MHRA info and take a copy to your pharmacist and a copy to your GP. The full document is here.

Liothyronine (Tertroxin) 20 microgram tablets - continuity of supply - 22 May 2013


RedAppleAdministrator in reply to RedApple

For additional clarification, it might help you and your GP to understand that he/she would not be prescribing 'unlicensed medication' here. The medication in question is T3, which your GP is already prescribing for you. So this is not the same as prescribing desiccated thyroid which is an unlicensed medication in the UK.

It is only the 'brand' of T3 that does not have a UK license. This is because it is manufactured outside the UK for use in another country. Hence the manufacturers would not have had any reason to go through the UK licensing procedure.

I totally agree, however, we are not going to change the procedure over night or in the next six months.Therefore, we all require supply as soon as possible.Therefore we must all petition the relevant bodies now to ensure they take this situation seriously and radically change the T3 supply.

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