What Will They Think Of Next? Please Stop This Now!

What Will They Think Of Next? Please Stop This Now!

If I was not so shocked I would be angry - what are they thinking?

Have a look at this:


The Conservative party is looking into limiting the number of times we are allowed to visit our GPs.

Since the NHS was created, all British citizens have had the security of being able to rely on access to our health system - whenever we need it. Limiting the number of times we can see our GP would undermine the NHS at its very foundations.

So let's send health minister Jeremy Hunt a strong message: drop this terrible idea.

Please sign the petition now:



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  • Have signed the petition-thank you for posting it.

  • Why dont they do something about the people who make GP appointments and dont turn up. Why find another excuse to pick on the sick and disabled. I'm sick of being sick and having to go to my GP because hospital doctors dont do their job.

  • Outrageous! Have signed and I am forwarding on to family and friends. Thanks for posting.

  • Have signed

    Jo xx

  • Just come on here to post this, so thanks AP!

    Unfortunately I think the man must be mentally ill to be able to come up with something like this, but of course he gets private medical care, so it would not affect him or his friends.

    Maybe if the GPs actually listened at the first appointment, there would not be so many of us going back time and time again to try and find a way to get better!

  • You are exactly right ,could not have put it better myself.

  • Have just signed. What a ridiculous idea. Nothing like picking on the sick, the elderly or the young!

  • Have signed the petition. Am also very angry, yet again. Sorry.

    Have just read the story of the lady who had the double heart lung transplant, was on ten different medications each day who then died 9 days after being pronounced fit to work by ATOS!!!

    Luckily I'm a pensioner who doesn't have to face this humiliation.

  • This is what was in the governments manifesto, they are hell bent on destroying any protections the general population have and returning us to a state where the factory owners had the choice as to who lived or died - typical arrogance!!

  • Thank you for posting this, have signed it. Shocking discrimination against people who are unwell.

  • Before I got this illness, I never visited the GP. Not so now. Signed!!

  • I have signed it. Quite frankly, my experience has been that the vast majority of GPs in our local surgeries are useless bureaucrats, more often involved in keeping us from getting the medical care we need than in providing it. If they want to limit the number of times i can go to the GP in a year, then they must allow me to self-refer to specialists without having to gate the process with unhelpful GPs and abusive receptionists. I'm fine with not going to the GP if it means i can go straight to the doctors i actually need, but I'm not fine with the move if it just means that millions of people will simply go without care.

  • The problem will still be though if you go straight to a consultant the unhelpful GP still won't prescribe what they ask for or if they really want to be difficult even treat you at all. In short it seems we are stuffed and the over burdened hospital waiting lists will just grow even longer while people just pop off while waiting to be seen - but isn't that what it's all about really, survival of the fittest!

  • Seen this last night signed. There's no end to the changes they're trying to bring in. Before they're booted out. They're trying to privatise the justice system, making a two twit and NHS the same.

    It's all so fast people not sure what to fight first.

    I really feel sorry for the youngsters, our country is not great anymore.

    Here's a link to what's going on m.facebook.com/pages/The-Pe...

  • For some more background information have a look at telegraph.co.uk/health/heal...

    I shall now sign the petition!

  • Have signed petition and commented on there that if i this happens i will not pay BEDROOM TAX and COUNCIL TAX so i can save up to go private

  • Of course what will happen, if the number of GP visits is limited and people run out of annual appointments is, they will turn up at A&E - another department which is struggling to cope it seems.

  • Have signed the petition. However, I would like to think common sense will eventually prevail. Perhaps karma will step in and the idiot/s who thought this up will end up needing a doctor on a regular basis lol.

  • Yeah but they don't need the NHS their pockets are well and truly lined.

  • I know for a fact if my underactive thyroid had been treated correctly and taken seriously over 3 years ago I would not be in the state that I am in now healthwise and would not be the 'burden' that I now am! No one chooses this insidious illness, and I am angry/frustrated that I am now having to pay to see someone privately as the NHS do not know how to treat thyroid illness and I along with many others have progressively gone down hill as time passes...

  • Sarah Vine, (Michael Gove's wife) who the beauty editor and journalist on the Saturday Times, has a thyroid problem, but I think she goes private. It would appear that even she has problems getting the right dose of thyroid medication as in one of her articles she wrote about how thin her hair had become (as a result of the hypothyroidism) and how she had had to have a specialist wig made for her.

  • Thanks everyone for voting, it definitely made a difference....look what he tweeted this afternoon....result!! :-)

    In case being mislead by 'neutral' 38Degrees e-petition, it is NOT and WAS NEVER going to be Conservative policy to limit GP appointments.

    Hmmm, thats why he let it leak out then...... :o

  • Hi hun,

    Is this the same petition that Mary is asking us to sign ? Your right this has got to be stopped it is beyond belief in fact it is barbaric, what ever next.

    I am very angry & signing now.

  • Signed

  • Result indeed :-)

    I found the site 'very interesting' & signed a few more petitions while i was browsing.

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