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borderline smooth muscle antibody. Anyone know much about this?

Had an autoantibody screen and smooth muscle antibody came up borderline. Liver enzymes were subsequently checked and came up normal (not seen them). Wondering if anyone has any insights into what this could indicate if no liver problem. Is it a sign of food intolerance as the notes say it can be associated with inflammatory bowel disease?

ds DNA binding autoantibody came up 10.7 (normal 0-15)

thyroid peroxidase antibody came up 33.6 (normal 0-50) I have hashimotos disease but I've had it for 25 years so my thyroid may have been destroyed long ago and immune reaction may have subsided. Doctor told me I'd always have thyroid antibodies/high antibodies but according to that result my levels are normal (they were strongly positive when I was first diagnosed)

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Hello, I am not Hashi, but a smooth muscle antibody test that I had came up pos/borderline. I actually wasn't aware I'd had the test. When I found out the result I freaked! However, 1 month later my GP did the test again & was negative. Apparently this is very common........

If we have an unknown infection in our bodies the test can be borderline or positive, they just re-test within a certain time frame, for me it was a 6month time frame.




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