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TSH levels in the "normal" range


I have had unstable results since January and all the way the the year the symptoms haven't gone when the TSH levels were in the normal range, the doctor refuses to send me to the endo, which I'm not happy about as I have a big family to look after and I can't do half the things I used to before january, I need to know what's wrong

The main symptoms :

Constant tiredness

Constant aching muscles

Joint paint

Joint grinding


Puffy face and neck

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It's always best to get at least an FT4 test along with the TSH otherwise the doctor could be missing something important. TUK suggest doing all the thyroid tests especially antibodies. Send me an email and I will send you some info. Enquiries@thyroiduk org

So your TSH has been tested and has come back in the normal range, but you still have symptoms?

In that case your GP should be asking the lab to check your FT4, FT3, TPO and TgAB. Only then will he have a full picture of what is happening with your thyroid and be able to advise you properly.

In reality, it's probable that the NHS lab will not do those tests for a GP if the TSH is in range, that's certainly the case where I live.

You might need to have a conversation with your GP about whether he can get the tests done to enable him to make a proper diagnosis, or whether he needs to refer you now to someone who can ie an endo.


The doctors words were " your TSH level is almost in the normal range so that's good isn't it?"

My reply " no not really I feel the same"

The doctor come back in 2 weeks if you are sleep feeling the symptoms

.?.??? I think I will be forced to go private I feel like a wreck I didn't feel this ill while I was pregnant, and I mentioned my neck feeling swollen but he didn't even examine it, just looked

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Ruby72

If that means the TSH is over the top of the TSH range, that is NOT good.

We regularly see people needing to have a TSH nearer 1 or below (rather than somewhere near 5 as a typical top of range).

Please get your actual test results. Have a look here:



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