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About a month ago my son's appointment with an Endo we have been seeing for the past 20 years was cancelled as the Endo is retiring. This week I have been given an appointment with a General Interest Doctor, who, according to, has no special interest. Not even for Diabetes! I am getting rather worried as my son has multiple hormonal problems. Low thyroid being one of them and at 3.5 is on the floor. What I am wondering is if this is the way NHS are going now by not employing Endocrinologists? I also wonder if there is anywhere else I can find out more information about the doctor concerned? Years ago, in Libraries, there were big books that told you doctors previous work and medical education information. These are no longer available in our local Library - they just say all information is on the internet. Does anyone know of a good place to start looking apart from NHS Choices and

If anyone knows of a good Endo in the Mid Essex Health Partnership Trust area, this would also be greatly appreciated. I can but try and ask our less than useless GP.

Many thanks, Janet.

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oldestnewest has a list of NHS Endos/private doctors but she is on holiday this week. You could email her on her return.

It is a problem for you and your son and hope it can be resolved. I think if you look at the hospital and under the doctors' names it gives a special interest which you may find is endocrine.


Many thanks for your reply shaws, but I have the list from Louise and there are no endos at Mid Essex Health Trust on them. Have had difficulty with GP referring out of area before, so was hoping someone knew of an endo in MEHT area.


If they do they should private message you. I hope you find someone.


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