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Hashimotos - TPO figure - do I or don't I have it?


Asked this last night but not really had a response, does anyone know if the below figure says that I definitely do NOT have Hashimotos?

Many thanks!

Serum Anti-TPO antibodies < 10iu/mL (<35)

Will be filed as: 43GL.00 Anti-T antibody level 10 IU/mL

That is the only thing that was tested for the other day as far as the thyroid goes.

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I don't have hashi's but I thought if the antibodies were high then you had hashimotos. Yours appear very low and I hope this link can give you the info you want.

Why did the GP not do other thyroid gland blood tests? such as TSH, T4, T3.?


swishtony in reply to shaws

Thanks, no idea as I asked for everything to be tested. For some reason it was ignored. I'm convinced there is a thyroid problem so guess I will have to go give some more blood, very tedious!


To put it very simply, the Thyroid peroxidase antibodies, and Thyroglobulin antibodies tests, if positive, are indicative of Hashimoto's. If negative, they indicate less likelihood of Hashimoto's.

There are those who insist that Hashimoto's is only possible if there is a goitre. My view is that any proof of lymphocytes attacking the thyroid should be regarded as proof that the person is suffering from Hashimoto's - whether or not a goitre is or has been present.

Your number suggests NOT Hashimoto's.

However, it is always possible:

To be negative to antibody tests but have Hashimoto's.


To be positive to antibody tests but not have Hashimoto's

Welcome to the "nothing is ever clear in the world of thyroid" group!


swishtony in reply to helvella

Thanks Rod, yes the more I read on this forum the less clear things seem to be :-))

I'm therefore assuming I may have another thyroid problem, or as someone else said maybe adrenal problem. Will pester the GP (again!!) for further tests, I hate this whole thing as I find the GP's so far are making me feel like a hypochondriac or a manic depressive in denial - I firmly believe I am neither!

helvellaAdministrator in reply to swishtony

Well you do have company!

My TSH went up slowly for no obvious reason. Possibly connected to smoking (giving up), but possibly not. Eventually started levothyroxine and felt much better and many physical symptoms resolved.

So somewhere are 20% of hypothyroidism cases are not Hashimoto's and many are never explained.



I have a rising TSH and tested very low for anti-bodies. This suggests I'm not Hashimoto's and cause of hypo is unknown. I seem to get worse again each time I have a flu/heavy cold and wonder if a really bad dose of flu 3 years ago triggered it - or maybe it has always been an underlying issue and getting worse as I get older.

You can most definitely be hypo whilst testing negative for anti-bodies so if you think you have thyroid issues go back and discuss this with your GP again.

Are you aware the TSH is usually highest in the early morning - so it's possible to test hypo in the morning and drop to a range where your GP won't treat you in the afternoon? So - get bloods done as early as possible! Good luck!

swishtony in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your response :-)

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