UPDATE - I've been on T3 for 5 days now - from Tues 21 May @ 5mcg in the morning

and the effect was immediate. I felt completely calm and in control, My mind cleared and my thoughts became clearer too, not the jumbled mess that has been the norm for so many years! I can't believe the instantaneous effect that this has had on my mind and general well-being. Although the past 13 years have been a living hell and those years are a blur I'm just so happy now. I've had a complete personality change, I'm more myself again. Even my partner has noticed the difference in just 5 DAYS! However, since yesterday, I've felt rather light-headed, that feeling of unrealness (if you know what I mean?), tummy has butterflies/anxiety, and I've got a bit of a headache. Should I drop the dose again to say 2.5 mcg per day do you think or give it a few more days?

Thank you


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  • Are you only taking T3 or do you take T4 as well?

  • I'm taking T4 as well, 125mcg

  • I'm in the process of going from taking thyroxine to taking natural desiccated thyroid and my doctor says people usually need to take a little time to adjust to each increase in dose. As long as you're not feeling too dreadful, I'd stick with this dose and give it a bit more time to see if you get used to it.

  • I think that's what I have decided to do. As you are changing from thyroxine only to taking NDT instead, how are you doing this? Are you coming off thyroxine altogether and then after a period going on to NDT?

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