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Finally thryoid results heading in the right direction but antibodies even higher now - anyone know why??

Hi, after a year of trying to balance thryoid/adrenals, finally things are getting better, I got my blood tests and they are as follows: TSH 0.41, (ref 0.3-4.5), T3 free 3.25 (ref 2.1-4.2), T4 free 1.14 (0.7-1.8). but my antibodies have gone sky high: anti-thyroidglobuline 206 (ref less than 60), Anti-TPO 264 (ref less than 60)... Can anyone help explain this for me? In terms of all the vitamins etc they are all in the higher end of the 'normal' references... thanks!

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Well, I'm not medical or anything but I have Hashimoto's Thyroditis and my Levels are in range but my Anti-TPO are >500. My Doctor didn't tell me either, only that I had Hypothyroidism. I found out from my spinal consultant!!!

Hope this has helped!


Thanks angelharley, well I had seen 5 endos who all told me that the levels were not 'important'..... current doctor does take it seriously...and when the treatment was working well they'd dropped by 50%..... I'll see what the doctor says - going there next month... thanks....


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