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Thyroid results. Can anyone help me decipher them

I did the genova 24 urine thyroid test as i thought i wasnt converting. Been hypo for20 years on 175 of levo. The results showed low t3 normal t4 I took to gp and she looked at my symtoms and agreed. She said to test vitamin d anf b12 and would also ask lab to do t3 but was also happy to trial t3. I see her tues. I have picked up results and they say the following. Serum t4 20.3 Tsh 0.22 Serum free triiodothyronine 4.1 Replacement satisfactory. T3 level within range. Urine 24hoir testing is not advised for thyroxine monitoring They have given no ranges And not carried out vit tests. My symptoms are still raging. Can anyone help?

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Did you get a printout of these results? You really need the ranges to interpret them. On mine they are written in tiny writing in the heading above the actual reading. If you don't have them you should ask for them. The Vit D test can take a few weeks to come back, not sure about B12 but you do need to know what is going on with the these. If they are deficient you will not be using the thyroxine properly.


Why not do a reverse T3 test which would tell whether you were converting or not?


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