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Dr S - "the information"


I don't have a referral yet, but I called Dr S's practice this afternoon to enquire about consulting hours and I was asked whether I had had 'the information'. I said I hadn't and the lady took my name and address and said she would send it to me.

Can anyone who has seen Dr S tell me what this information consists of? Is it questionnaires and stuff?


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You will be sent a letter explaining how it all works - getting a referral and so on. Then you will be able to see your GP and ask for the referral. I'm sure someon will be along to add to this if need be. I see him in Glasgow and am getting on much better now.

Good luck, hope it all works out for you

Jenni x

Its two letters one with info on dr skinner and one telling you how to go about getting an appointment etc .

It tells you he is not an endocrinologist, but a virologist.

Thanks - it arrived this morning. I need to have a read and think about it now.


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