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T3-- mercury pharma has changed its name again to AMDIPHARM , my reply from JEREMY HUNT AND T3


I HAVE trie dto copy an dpaste the dept health rply to me regarding t3. but i can tdo as i am a a computer dumbo! basiclly mercury pharma is noe amdipharm, an dthe ingredient for t3 is out of stock an dthey dont know when it will be in but--- t3 is available from abroad an ddoctors can prescribe it on a named patient basis alth the doctor takes responsibilty.. so hopefully the doctor will.

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I too, have had big problems trying to get my NHS prescription Liothyronine 20 mcg. This has led to a lot of investigation on my part.

I contacted the manufacturing company Henning in Germany. I learned from them that they have no supply problems AT ALL. Henning told me, that 100 tabs. 20mcg in a German Pharmacy would cost ca. 30 Euro, but you need a private prescription from a German Doctor ( for which you would have to pay).

Does anybody know when Mercury will be suppling T3 again??

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Hypo22

At least one person here has been supplied with Henning Thybon by their UK pharmacist. It is possible.


Hypo22 in reply to helvella

Sorry, I think you misunderstood. So far I managed to find Mercury Liothyronine tabs. from a UK Pharmacy. But as you know it's getting very difficult to find Liothyronine tabs.- hence my investigations.

I have not approached my GP to see if he can help me to get it from Germany, although the comment from the German company Henning has revealed that supply is no problem in Germany.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Hypo22

Apologies - I think it is how I wrote that.

I was simply pointing out that you were absolutely right that Henning Thybon is available without any problems in Germany. And that it could be supplied on prescription.

Obviously avoids a lot of issues if that can be avoided. :-)


You can get T3 now...


I am beginning to think MP's has shares in the company and are trying to force us all into their boxes

I've just tried to pick up my repeat prescription of T3 from Boots. They could only give me two days worth and told me the regular supplier has said September before they could supply more. The pharmacist was going to phone Germany to try and get some and then would call me back. I'm concerned as I have had a total thyroidectomy and am totally dependent on T3 to stay alive.

KATEMARY THe LETTER I GOT BACK from JEREMY HUNTS OFFIC E SAID THAT T3 CAN BE IMPORTED FROM ABRAOD EVEN THO IT IS UNLICENSED, th edoctor has to use a named patient prescription, i cant copy and paste th eletter i dont know to do it as ic came in afile which i have to open but i am sure patients association-- not pals--- will help you or maybe you could rin the dept of health, or email them.

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