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Do I have Hashimoto's?

Good morning you lovely lot! I've been away for about six weeks (moved home to Scotland - HURRAH!) and have now had my bloods back from my new GP (second HURRAH!). I've had a hideous time with BT and my broadband, but hey, it's working now and it's great to be back!

Quick update. Diagnosed last September as hypothyroid. Did not thrive on up to 200mcg T4 only, so in February I started a three month trial of T3 through my Endo in Wales. He started me on 20mcg daily, split into two doses. The first two weeks were fabulous, with huge improvements, but these tailed off in the second fortnight, making me think that perhaps I needed an increase... After a month, I had more blood tests and the Endo said that as my TSH was suppressed, I should not increase my T3. (!!)

I then moved to Scotland and I've been really suffering. All of my old symptoms have come flooding back (sensation of throat closing, snoring, cramping, fatigue, sore and enlarged tongue, joint pain and stiffness, hideously sore feet etc etc etc).

Had my bloods taken last week (new Doctor said that with such a strong family incidence of hypo (sister, mother, aunts, cousins, cousin's offspring,) that I should have my antibodies tested. (My old GP said that they "were fine". I got the results this morning -

TSH <0.04 mu/L (0.35 - 4.00) - last test 0.02

Free T4 15.5 pmol/L (9.0 - 21.0) - last test 18+

Total T3 2.4 nmol/L (0.9-2.5) -

Anti-TPO Ab 167.4 IU/mL (0 - 6).

My full blood count and glucose results are marked as 'normal' but I haven't studied them yet.

So couple of questions - is it likely from this antibody result that I've got Hashi's?

Should I ask the doctor if she's going to do a TgAb test too? (I think I've read somewhere that you need both... but I wouldn't bet on that, given the state of my brain fog at the moment :-)

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

Many thanks,


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TPO and TG antibodies are only indicative of Hashimoto's. (Though if both symptomatic and repeatedly raised over a decent length of time there is little room for doubt.) Not that many people get both tested. These days, TPOab alone is quite common.

Have a look at Table 2 here:

(Indeed, why not read most of the chapter? :-) )

How long between taking T3 and the blood draw?



Thanks Rod - excellent info - Table 2 says it all really! I suppose the GP will be in touch once she's had a look at the results.

I normally take 10mcg T3 around 6am and 2pm and 150mcg T4 at bedtime. I didn't take my T4 the night before or my T3 on the morning of my blood test which was at 9.30am.




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