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Antiparietal cells antibodies test


Just had results from Antiparietal cells antibodies test and it came in at 1.8.

What does this mean? trying to get an appointment with GP asap, as I am now 4 1/2 weeks overdue my B12 jab.

My GP wants to confirm that I should be on the jabs, they have been great and I really notice the difference when I am due, these last few weeks have been a tingly, foggy blur with only episodes of palpitations to break it up.

I have decided to get a private dr look at my thyroid probs as TSH reports that I'm ok, I think my TSH test should come and live my life and tell me I'm ok ;-)

Many thanks


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It means you have pernicious anaemia. I need a shot every few weeks but my useless nhs gp will only give me enough amps for 1 every 3 months so as usual this is something i take care of myself to ensure i get the right dose


The GP that 1st gave me B12 in 2006 said I should have the jabs every 12 weeks, current GP says 3 months. It's not a massive difference but those last few day feel like a long time when the symptoms return at the 10 week mark!


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