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Ferritin and Folate levels

I have just been back to the G.P. and finally got my results for ferritin and folate

G.P say they are both in normal range.

Ferritin 88 ug/L

Folate 5.3 ug/L

I received my other results a few weeks ago

TSH 4.1

B12 377

Vit D 22

G.P has now put levo up from 75mcg to 100mcg

I am taking 6000iu Vit D daily

1000iu B12 daily

My question is are ferritin and folate O.K. or do I need supplements

Many thanks

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I have no idea about ferritin and folate, but would hazard a guess that your B12 is too low and TSH too high!

Have you got the ranges (numbers in brackets) to go with the tests please?




Hi Louise

Thanks for replying I have no idea of the the ranges for ferritin and folate, but TSH range 0.5 - 5.0 B12 is 190 - 1100 and Vit D 50 - 70 so I obviously Vit D is very low and B12 at lower range. G.P. gave me 800iu Vit D with 400iu calcium daily but after reading on this site the dose of Vit D is not enough and should not be taking calcium as I have not had it checked, therefore I purchase my own from The Nutri Centre

One G.P would not increase levo but saw another at the practise and she agreed to

so I am now taking 100mcg



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