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Iron (Ferritin) levels

My GP is playing "wait and see before prescribing" since July 2012 - TSH 9.94 mu/L (0.27-4.2), T4 18.8 pmol/L (12.0-22), Ferritin 69 ug/L (post menopausal 14.0-200.0). Free T3 does not appear on my blood test results unless it appears as another name. I am not on any medication.

Are my iron levels low and should I be taking a supplement e.g. liquid Ferroglobin. I also take selenium and Vit D.

Needless to say I feel slightly better with the supplements but still feel like ****. Any help gratefully accepted - thank you.

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High suzanne, i just been told my iron is low, from a endocronologist even though gp says normal no action. infact mine was quite low. however Endo says this is wrong I am low in ferratin even though iron b test say normal. what is your iron? I believe to different test. google none anemic iron/ ferratin results. sure endo said 50 is normal mine is 20 ug/l



Merissa I thought iron was displayed as ferritin on blood results! This is the problem we are having to analyse our own blood results and second guess everything. My iron/ferritin is 69 ug/L but the "normal" range is between 14.0-200.0 which seems really a vast range to me. When I posted my results above I put the laboratories ranges in brackets as I am aware everyone says different labs display their results differently. Nothing on the blood results I was given shows iron listed.

There really should be a standard display response for blood results at the least so we all know (e.g. lay people) what our blood chemistry is.

My gp sees no point in referring to an endo and just wants to play a waiting game. Having found this site I have been made aware to look at the nutritional benefits of taking selenium, Vit D, B12 which has made some slight improvements. In fact if it were not for this site I would still be in bed!


I think with a TSH of just below 10, you will feel awful. GP's should take account of symptoms and not wait till the 'magic' 10 is reached before prescribing.


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