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Rantette and possible discrimination against not so healthy people

I was completing an online application for a lowly position within a large well-known holiday break company.

It stated that they required permission to contact GP if the need arose and basically if you didn't then you've got no chance of getting a job there.

To my mind, this was completely unacceptable and I didn't proceed with the application. However, they required feedback as to why I didn't proceed so I stated that their Gestapo attitude completely put me off and they sounded a ghastly company to work for!

Of course it is entirely possible that a GP wouldn't reply favourably especially if they've received a complaint against them (as in my case).

Has anyone else come across this? Would be very interested to hear of experiences.

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Am I being niave cinnamon? I have always agreed to this and thought it was in the event of me becoming ill at work.

I have been asked and given Doctors name & number for Voluntary work too.

Hopefully the Patient Confidentiality rules apply!

Did the Company state what 'need might arise' ?



Giving your doctor's details when you start employment might well be reasonable - but on an application form? I think not. If it were me, I would at least consider taking it up with the Information Commissioner's Office as requesting unnecessary personal information.

woolwyn, You are right to ask whether they stated what 'need might arise' .



As long as you know what is on your records such as alcoholism, depression, cancer, std's, breaking the law, drug dependency - which belong to another patient...

Good luck job hunting.


Hmm wondered where my notes went! :D

I must have been naive too - but don't think they asked about medical 'til I got the job - or did they - I can't remember - I remember writing there was something wrong with my neck! (undiagnosed anything) will dig out a form tomorrow! J :D


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