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underactive thyroid


i was diagnosed with underactive thyroid. since reading this post i have not been informed by GP if i have hashimotos or hypothyroidism or all the different names they have. i do know that i have more time off work than the other staff due to me picking up infections, or just feeling so bad i could lie down and die. I dont always know whats wrong with me, my mother said i am lazy but that is so far from the truth. i used to be overactve and i was so skinny. now i am 59 yrs old and under i am so heavy this is causing brething problems(i did sto soking 16 mnts ago) i have asthmas but its under control. i recently started taking panick attacks and was told last week that it may be sleep apnea. I am so confused i hate feeling like this. can anyone help. i take 125 thryroxine

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Hi Since feeling "off" have you had a new blood test? Did you have one before the rise in Levo? Do you always ask for blood results with the important ranges,( often differ, different Labs) receptionist, routine.It does take a long while, often a year to get the levels right ,with re blood tests before rise in meds.Make sure you have had TSH, T4 and Free T3 done as that is the only real guide. If GP will not test all 3,you can on line?Also ,the other tests very relevant, autoimmune and hormonal mostly, vit d ( corrected calcium if low before treatment), diabetes, iron/ ferritin and B12 + Foliates.

I hope this helps. Post your results on here, if you like.

Best wishes,


Sorry Having trouble with the site, That was meant for the member above, I will try and write yours again!

The main thing is the correct treatment for your bloods and you. There never was the distinction as not known about, just hypo and hyper.I have Hashimoto , but my thyroid has been stable for years, it is only now that the "name "appears.If autoimmune that is usually Hashimoto and important. However, then it is usual to have other autoimmune diseases.Weight can be hypo or hyper,, however is normally hypo if swinging between the two( hypo and hyper) it could be graves.Thyroid disease is hard to get right and does take a long while, with frequent blood tests and increases in meds if needed. You may also need some T3 on a script but only the blood tests show this.You mention sleep aponea, have you had a diagnosis.? I have it very badly + asthma etc, the only diagnosis is from a sleep clinic , a night time tape, 1 night. It was thought I could not have it as underweight etc, but turned out record of severity. It needs it, then a CPAP ( mask). This is important.it is not related to thyroid disease.Sleep aponea, you actually wake up choking, also if sleeping with any one else, they can clearly hear you stop breathing. If your thyroid does not improve with the correct tests, all of them. Then insist on a referral to a good Endo of your choice, not the GP`s, careful research!Some of the above does apply to you too.

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You could ask to have your antibodies checked. This IS available on the NHS as I pushed for it. The treatment via the NHS is no different for Hashi's compared to Underactive..I have not been informed that if you have Hashi's you have another auto immune disease. I have been told if you do not manage your auto immune disease the likelyhood of getting another one is very high. I have been advised (although testing negative for Coeliac) to go gluten free which is what I am trying. Also for 25pounds you can get your own Vit D tested, if your doctor won't do a full vit screen, as my GP wouldn't and I did the nhs 25pd one via the post, the results were very quick to be emailed back.

Sometimes results hypo- and hyper- confused - so many factors eventuating. Always have 2nd opinion, 2nd score blood results.

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