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Liquid Eltroxin

I have taken eltroxin for nearly 2 years and got on really well with it after having allergic reactions to other makes. The manufacturers are stopping producing this although a chemist has told me that I could get the liquid form of eltroxin on prescription but not prescribed normally as very expensive:-( Does anyone have any experience with this? Also is the pigs thyroid legal yet?

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There has been a problem with supply of Eltroxin but the company has NOT stopped making it. The main Thyroid UK site has a news item from 11/03/2013:

We have been repeatedly assured that Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine is identical to Eltroxin. I have personally been in contact with Mercury several times and have emails clearly saying this.

There are, in fact, only three oral tablet forms of levothyroxine in the UK:

Liquid Eltroxin has a different formulation to tablet Eltroxin. Tolerating tablets of Eltroxin doesn't, of itself, mean you will tolerate liquid. Have a look here for details of many products:

Pigs thyroid has never been illegal. It merely is not licensed so no company can sell or promote it. Individual patients are, in fact, prescribed it, some on the NHS, some privately. Others buy their own.



I meant, of course, no company can sell pigs thyroid products as they do other, licensed medicines - hold stock, list, distribute, etc. Obviously special orders products are still, technically, being sold.


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