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what to do about the lack of T3 Liothyronine in the UK? Are there alternatives? will the drug companies be providing foreign meds?


When will normal service be resuming? What are we to do in the meantime? we will be seriously ill or disabled until normal t3 can be found for us all.

I have been told to order some from foreign company but im nor sure about doing this, it seems a bit of a risk.


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Who has told you to order from a foreign company? Other patients - or medics?

Unfortunately, most of the sources will take at least a few days, possibly a few weeks, to deliver from anywhere abroad. The exceptions would (possibly) be bona fide medicine importers such as Idis. Your pharmacist should be able to help to identify what they can do, but might well have to refer back to your doctor and elsewhere to get clearance. There are products such as Henning Thybon from Germany which could be suitable.


WhenI spoke to my Gp this week and explained why Thyroxine was no good, she agreed to look into getting Liothyronine through official NHS channels butwhen I said I was trying to get some imported she said that sounded a good idea, to make sure I was not left without any. So some GPs are ok. You wonder who starts the idea that only the ridiculously expensive UK version is ok and advanced European countries will only produce inferior products. Ooh, who could possibly have a motive for doing that?

A friend has bought some in Italy for me, 3.40 Euros for 50. Another friend is visiting thsi month, could bring it back rather than posting, but does anyone know if the people who search your luggage have any issues with this sort of drug? I will provide her with a letter explaining it is for my personal use.

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