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Upping dose of armour (first increase) day 12 of trial


Hi, I am at day 12 of trialling armour. I started on half grain am and half grain early afternoon dose.

Was doing ok apart from starting with a kidney/water infection on friday/saturday (these are common for me). I also have yet another sore on the roof of my mouth that came on friday, so guessing im getting run down again!

Anyway, no bad reports for armour, but yesterday when I got out of bed my joints really ached, especially my thigh tops/hips and arms. It felt like I had endured an aerobic session or heavy exercise the day previous which obviously was not the case ;-(

This morning I awoke and fatigue felt a bit like I was back to pre armour trialling as it has hung with me instead of fading away through the morning, also my face aches (don't laugh) my neck is sore down one side as is my cheekbone etc so I wonder if im getting a sinus infection too.

The long and short of it is, I have decided to move up to 1 grain of armour a.m and half a grain after lunch. I felt better than this by the time I was four/five days into first level of armour trial so I am hoping to see a return of the easing of some of the symptoms.

I am guessing the way my health has deteriorated over last few days is a signal that I am certainly not getting enough medication as yet, however, i know this is a slow process.

Question is, will have to leave it between two and three weeks now to make any other raises if neccessary?

Thanks guys

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Should read will I have to leave it between two or three weeks now to make any other raises if neccessary?

My endo made me wait 6-8 weeks, but now I am increasing when the symptoms return and this seems to work better well for me. Here is a link that you might find useful:


Clare x

Femme1 in reply to Clarebear

Wow 6_8 weeks seems ages doesn't it :(

I am of the opinion to take it steady but like you say I agree regarding going by symptoms. Thyroid madness site is fab isn't it, straight talking and helpful, the link was spot on for my question. Thanks Clare x

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