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Two quick questions!

Hi chaps

Just need to ask two quick questions:

1. Is it okay to drink wine in the evening before I take my Levo (I take it at around 11.00pm)?

2. Is it normal to have such painful bones with hypothyroid?

I don't drink a great deal but I am rather partial to a glass of wine in the evening, two at weekends. I'm a bit of a lightweight with alcohol so my maximum is two thirds of a bottle. More than that and I'd never find my way up the stairs to bed.

Re the bones, I have awful pain in all of my bones and joints at the moment. In particular, my feet and hands. Things are so bad I took my dog for a walk yesterday and I was overtaken on the pavement by two pensioners and a snail. And I'm only 44!!!! Due to go back to the GP on Tuesday following latest blood test and am going to ask him to increase my Levo (currently on 50mcg and haven't noticed much improvement so far).

Cheers :-)

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I used to have widespread pain when on levo and it is a symptom of hypo.

50mcg is a starting dose and should have been increased in about 4 to 6 weeks. You should have a new thyroid gland blood test and if you haven't already, a Vit B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron.

This is a link re being kept on a low dose (GP's think it's o.k. to keep us within 'normal range' but we should have a TSH 1 or below). Cursor to question dated November 20, 2002 and there are other topics at the top of the page. The links within may not work. have some books which you could borrow for the cost of postage.


Hi Moggie1 - I just wanted to reply as I too had bone pain for years, I can't say if it's the same thing but mine was mostly joint pain and muscle ache/spaz, wrists, elbows, shoulders (I coudn't lift a saucepan!) - it spread to legs (jelly legs when going for a walk too) then when my ribcage was affected I went to an osteopath who said why was I taking short breaths - because it hurt! Had a chest x-ray, clear, but got myself tested and found I was low in Vitamin D and since supplementing the pain has eased considerably (bad shin pain to start 'tho and it took a while for pains to go) - just a thought in case it helps you (you should get a vitamin D test and calcium too). For me it was just lack of sunshine really! and of course that could have been a racing snail! :)

I'm not on levo or any medication, but do enjoy a glass (or 2) of red wine too, I make excuses to myself like it 'thins the blood', 'helps digestion', 'makes me warmer', but I'm very aware it can deplete some nutrients too - does it say not to be taken with alcohol (well, after alcohol) on the levo leaflet? Some take levo first thing in the morning?

As Shaws says I believe lots of folks feel better when the Thyroid is properly treated, (and don't forget to test and eliminate any other nutrient deficiencies like iron, ferritin, folate & B12 too - all can be low with low Thyroid function). Cheers! Jane :D


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