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Is the NHS Salivary Cortisol test a 24hour one? (I have a sleep problem as well as hypo)

I've been to a Sleep Centre but it will be another month until I get the results. That was wiring me up to monitors overnight but I've not had any cortisol testing.

I'm on T3 and much better than T4 but not 100%. Some of this is down to poor sleep and I sleep at the wrong time of the day/night. I feel wide awake at midnight - 3am ish.

I wonder if my cortisol is messed up, in perhaps both in adrenal insufficiency and also producing it at the wrong time of the day/night.

Would this NHS test at Southampton help

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I believe it is 24 hour test


Hi Totoro

I have had the saliva cortisol test privately using the Genova (and it showed low levels). When I mentioned this to the RIE endo he was not very interested but sent me for a short synachten test which didn't show any deficiency. I don't think that most Drs are generally very interested in adrenal fatigue or even recognise that there is such a thing. You could ask for a 24 hr saliva test and I would be interested to know if they agree to it, but my experience (which is not a lot, really) is that you have to manage any cortisol problem yourself unfortunately.



The genova one really isnt that expensive and is quite easy.


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