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Strange feelings in throat - virus or thyroid?


Hi there, just thought I'd follow up with what I have.

I was told by my doctor that I have raised thyroid autoantibodies (84 KIU/L or 84,000 MIU/L TPOab) and that my immune system is attacking my thyroid, however my TSH has come back at 1.50 and so because my TSH came back normal my T3 and T4 weren't tested. I've just come off a very unusual period - usual for me in a sense, but it was pretty much dark brown and black blood all the way through from day 1 to day 5 which I don't think is usual.

I was on the bus going to work yesterday and I started to get chest pains. Remembering my nan had angina not so long ago and we have a family history of heart disease I started to panic but I'm thinking it could be anaemia? I did start to get breathless but I managed to get my breath back ok within a few minutes. On saying it being anaemia I am very pale and fair skinned, giving strangers the impression that I look ill.

Over the course of last night, I have also started to develop a congested feeling in my throat yet when I clear my throat there's no mucus which would signal a cold. I've also had my voice going hoarse as if I've lost it a little and I've got pains in the front of my neck and glands at the sides. No fever or runny/blocked nose, just the throat problem, which makes it even less likely in my opinion for it to be a cold or virus.

I've also had fizzy feelings in my legs which my doctor originally put down to Raynaud's, but since the weather has been much milder the Raynaud's attacks have resolved yet I still get the fizziness!

Should I speak to my doctor about this? I know I'm currently having my thyroid monitored every six months and I'm not due back for another blood test until the start of August, but I'm worried that I'm getting more and more symptoms. Any ideas anyone?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

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There is a bug going around at the moment that is mainly throat orientated - no other symptoms except a very sore throat and quite a few days later you get a cough. No runny nose or anything like that so it could be that you are going down with this.

Alternatively a hoarse voice and pain in the throat could be thyroid symptoms so my answer wont help you much I'm afraid.

Here's a link to the main thyroiduk's " signs and symptoms" page for you to have a look at.

With Hashimotos - which is where the body attacks itself (which is what you have) it will get progressively worse as time goes on and it doesn't attack all the time, it attacks in fits and starts so one minute your TSH will be fine and then next it could be high.

Here is another link for you to look at.

Moggie x

Blossom234 in reply to Moggie

Hi there Moggie, thanks for the links - both are worth looking at.

It's funny you should mention Hashimoto's, as the doctor I'm now with has said that from the antibodies test that flagged all of this up, the only explanation they could come up with about the elevated antibodies was that my immune system is in effect attacking itself however it doesn't seem to be at a considerably harmful level. I dread to think how bad it could potentially get if at this moment the Hashimotos itself is still relatively mild. I guess the only thing I could do is see what the doctor says as I have an appointment with one of them on Thursday.

Thanks for your help!! :) xx

Hi have you had an ultrasound on your thyroid yet? Maybe your chest pains and breathlessness may of been anxiety , as it goes hand in hand with thyroid issues. Hope you feel better soon. X

Hi there, thanks for support. Well I've been told I've had a thyroid problem by my last doctor but they kind of said something along the lines like "well, your TSH has only come back high once so I don't think we need to worry about that." That I couldn't understand so I changed practices as they didn't seem overly keen on testing me for thyroid antibodies. They did however arrange for an ultrasound at the start of last year and although the person carrying out the scan did say at the time the thyroid looked "bulky" they reported back to the doctor I was previously with that it was all normal! So I wanted to get a second opinion from another practice - which paid off a little!

I've since developed other symptoms over the past few days as well as the throat problems - I've always had difficulty swallowing and whilst initially it was because of pain upon swallowing it's now more the case that I feel as if whatever I eat does not clear my esophagus in time for me to breathe. Sometimes my food goes down that slow at times... :(

I've had pains in my outer hips and legs and I'm not sure if anyone else has this, but when I'm in bed sometimes it hurts to have the bedcovers on me - doesn't matter on which parts of my body exactly, I guess whatever the bedcovers touch. Also when my partner touches me affectionately, on my back or tummy it can feel as if my skin is bruised underneath but when I look there's nothing there! Does that sound odd at all? If it is indeed Hashimoto's does that mean that it's progressing? I do see my doctor this Thursday so this is all arsenal for the appointment.

Thanks xx

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