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Some (Belated) Promised Info on Live Raw Food Diet for Diabetes,

I was to post this a while back but chaos ensued so my apologies.

Since then there has been another important development. My diabetes is Type II so all my experience relates to this. Some years ago I was put on an American drug for diabetes and when concerns over side effects emerged my surgery dropped it at once, The UK and Europe banned it immedietely and the USA later, a great deal later I think. The companies producing this and similar ones have since paid hefty fines over testing and publishing results..

Now it appears to be happening again with the new non-insulin injectioons which I was told would probably replace insulin altogether in time. The same concerns all over again. Fortunately they made me so ill, and getting worse, I had to stop. I have not used them for over a year now and feel I may have had a lucky escape. There are several brand names but this applies to them all. I don't know how the UK will react but it is worth being aware.

Sugar control becomes harder as we grow older and it was because I had to stop the injections that my readings became frighteningly high, so we had to find another answer - not just another version of the same with one injection lasting a week!!!

My husband found out about the work of Dr Gabriel Cousens at the Tree of Life Centre in Arizona on the internet. Google either name and several sites come up. His book 'There is a Cure for Diabetes' is readily available, although he makes it clear that is is a REVERSAL not a cure. There is a fascinating DVD with 6 case studies. Too much information!! Recipes, suggested suppliments, everything.

Also a real down-to-earth guru is Victoria Boutenko, books like 'The Green Smoothie Revolution'. one of several. This has some good, solid, informed, basic information and histories and a huge recipe section.

Effectively we eat mostly raw, fresh vegetables, salads and fruits, about 80% to 20% cooked. (I am a cook and teach cooking....) I find I need other foods in careful amounts and stick mostly to fish, chicken and eggs but don't stress about it. The smoothies are a great daily basic and very effective but we do watch out for the GOITRENS PROBLEM. Watching out for leafy greens and fruits etc. which are bad news from the thyroid point of view. Vic. Boutenko stresses the need to vary all leafy greens as there can be build ups of certain constituents found in them, but varying them prevents any problems.

On top of this we take a variety of supplements such as Spirulina, a blue-green sea algae.which gives a huge health bonus.A long list to choose from is in Dr Cousens book. We use Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals, totally pure, use a dehydrator to 'cook' certain foods, have brown rice and make soups, cooking gently up to 120 degrees to preserve the enzymes in vegetables. We are gluten, free and don't use any flours, no spelt, but do use Cassava starch/flour in mixes and as a flour to use in recipes. It comes from South America and is also known as Manioc, Yuca or Tapioca flour nothing like the 'frogspawn' Tapioca that so many cannot stand! Mixes are dairy and sugar free as well but are quick, easy cooking and taste great with a light texture.

I have a number of friends who just have a carefully chosen version of the green smoothies to start the day, no one likes them all but there is a huge choice including added fruits, ginger and citrus to taste and they are all finding great benefits, especially with the addition of going gluten free. IBS diappearing altogether for example.

Speaking personally I now have normal cholesterol, my blood pressure is improved so my meds have been halved with the promise of stopping if the levels remain stable. my sugar readings have dropped from mid-twenties to 5 and 6's. I am in my seventies and quite severely disabled, my life was narrowing down and down but is now opening out again in leaps and bounds. Another magical side effect has been the loss so far of 4 kilos in weight, improved strength and mobility etc. My supportive doctor says I am a miracle and could possibly be off all diabetes and blood pressure meds in another year. The knock-on effect has already helped a number of others, it is something that can be taken on board to an individual degree, although probably by no means for everyone

Struggling with thyroid right now but I have proved the value of natural solutions and am determined that with the additional help of Dr P I will get there. I am better than I was already. How can you argue with symptoms that have already gone?

Sorry this is so long but I could write a book. If anyone would like more specific info or has questions please do e-mail me. The chaos seems to be subsiding.

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Hi Knyghtlady, bully for you for sticking to your diet! I'm hopeless at that, I get tired and can't be bothered and just eat the first thing that comes to hand.

But did you know that spirulina is not recommended for hypos (I take it you are hypo, if not forgive me) because it has a very high iodine content. But the good news is that you don't have to worry so much about the goitrogens.

Not all hypos are affected by all goitrogens. I take it you don't ingest any of them at the moment from what you said, well, why not try intoducing them back into your diet, one at a time and see how you feel afterwards. If you don't feel any increase in hypo symptoms or as if you're about to go down with flu, then that particular goitrogen is not a problem for you.

Hugs, Grey


Bless you thanks for that, I am new to the goitrens aspects although aware they exist, I will give that a try. I don't always take spirulina but am right now so I will give it a break and see what that does as pain in my hands in particular is both bad and persistent. I have quite a high candida rate at present and am trying to eliminate this to clarify things.

I had this years ago, when 'it didn't exist', very, very badly and know what it can do to you. The cure was definitely worse than the condition, but afterwards it was a whole new world.

To be honest I am amazed that I have stuck to the diet but for one thing my husband has done it with me, his reward is to be slimmer and fitter, Also my cook, housekeeper, carer who looks after us, has made it possible, doing all the changes. The other thing is the difference it has made to my life is so incredible I couldn't face the thought of going back. But I do understand the tired thing, my mind and body can just wipe out, like a damp cloth clearing a blackboard my mind can just be wiped and I just give up, I sleep too much right now too or crash. Still way better than I was before the diet but desperate to get back to my pre- Christmas form.

This site is so brilliant, informative and supportive, thanks for yours.

Hugs back,



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