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Recommendation needed re private doctor list

I am looking for a tried and tested doctor in the London area to help me with my thyroid problems. I am looking for someone who treats the symptoms rather than just looks at the blood tests. From the Private Doctor List the following doctors seem to fit but how/who do i chose?

Dr. Julian Kenyon

Dr E Callebout

Dr L Chapman

Dr David O’Connell

Dr D Downing

Dr Lynette Yong

Any first hand experience with any of these doctors or can anyone recommend anyone else

Thank you x

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why not do what I did for my lady and INSIST to your gp for a referral ,under the nhs to a hospital of your choice [ I opted for barts ] and up to date have found them to be excellent .....if you need any other info on how to do this please please contact me direct .....alan


Hi Starsarah,

I've been trying to find a doc that specialises in hypothyroidism as well & like you have the same list & also wondering who is the best...!

Im aware your post is from a while ago but thought i'd try & see if you had any joy... any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated! At the end of my teather...!

Thank you,



Hello there, did you have any luck getting info about these doctors? Have you seen any of them yourself? Please PM me if you have any info you can share with me, I'd really appreciate it, thank you! :-)


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