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Body Temperature

Well for the first time in ages I have felt warm today (i did over last two days but the weather was hot and i still wore long sleeve top and jumper) However, today is noticeably cooler and I am wearing the same but feeling warm. I am mid cycle so perhaps its a fluke, but been on armour for a week, i grain a day divided into two doses.

Question is, do we feel warmer in ourselves before our basal temp goes up? I am always 36.2 or 36.3 , even today when I feel warm?

Still tired, but not exhausted till later in the day now, which is a start, but i did seem to have spells which were worse than others re fatigue.

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Yes, you can feel warmer. Sometimes our temp doesn't come back to normal but we feel better. It seems as if armour is helping you but it does take time to get to a dose which suits.


Thanks Shaws just trying to be ultra careful re dosing until I see Dr Skinner in June. Interesting though how we feel warmer, Ive not felt cold once yet today , which is very rare indeed! Will see if it carries on before I get too excited. :-)


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