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I could do with some advice re questions to ask GP, I have an appt on Thursday


Hi, I have a very long story and will not bore you with it! After 14 years of being very unwell and having a dx of Cronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was finally dx last year with Lupus (autoimmune condition, were body attacks itself)

Anyway, last Jan (2012) I put on a stone in weight, I blamed medication, as I dont have a great appetite I knew it was not what I was eating. Anyway, although the weight has gone up and down (by a few pounds) it is continuing, albeit slowly to increase, I have been tested in the past for thyroid problems but results always been ok (all women in my mothers family had problems with thyroid have had ops to remove them) However, I read a post on health unlocked last week, someone had posted a link to a day time programme discussing thyroid problems. I have all of the symptoms!

So even though I said I wouldn't bore you, I still haven't asked my question!! I really dont know anything about thyroid problems, as although it is in the family, all of them have passed away, so can't get any info from them.

With all my previous tests coming back ok, what should I be asking my doctor? I have not eaten properly since last Nov. and GP said its is because I am not doing any exercise (although I have had the same level of fitness for the last 4 years) back in Dec he asked me if I was off my food as their was fat in my water, although he didn't seem particularly concerned about this. I am managing to eat a little more now, but quite honestly I think I should be about 7st and I am now over 11st. My usual weight is 9st 7lb and has been for years! (Last time I was this weight, I was about to give birth!) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this book!!!!! Take care

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Hi Pollyanna

I'm sorry your previous question wasn't answered.. It was due to a problem with Healthunlocked site and, at times, although I answered some questions I was unable to post them.

Is it possible for you ask the surgery for a copy of previous thyroid gland blood tests and post them before you have your appointment, Although GP's diagnose by blood tests, even though they say it's in 'normal range' it may be on the higher side. Unexplained weight gain is one of the symptoms. Seeing you have a family history too, it is possible that you too could have inherited it.

If you haven't had a Vitamin B12 blood test, Vitamin D ask for these, as well as ferritin, folate and iron.

Usually, TSH is the only one GP's ask for, so this is a list and maybe he will do some of these for you.


This is a link for your information:


pollyanna in reply to shaws

Thank you, I posted it twice, as I wasn't sure if my wonderful lupie brain had something to do with it not showing!!! (believe me wouldn't be the first time!) Thanks for the info at least I can go armed with some info, I am not sure about the Vitamin B12 test, although I do take it as a supplement, and I did have to take extra VitD, but again when they ran out I just brought them, so maybe worth talking to GP about these too, haven't heard of the others! Thanks again I will write all this down and go ready for tomorrow x Take care and have a great day x

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