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T3 shortage

Saw my GP this afternoon and the advice he gave me was to take T4 again even though he knows I was very ill on this with high T4 blood results and very low T3 and hypothyroid sidns and symptoms. Our surgery and pharamacy are doing nothing about sourcing any liothyronine from anywhere ( despite speaking to them 2 wees ago and they said they would get back to me and didn't) and he suggested I could go abroad and see a doctor there and get a prescription and go buy some.

Well when I run out of T3 meds that will be that as far as I can see. I fought hard to be put on T3 and to feel well for the first time in 10 years for it to be all back to square one and a life of hell.

Anyone else got any joy from their Doc, or any ideas?

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It is supposedly a production problem, and MercuryPharma are trying to source some from Europe as a stop gap until their production is back on track.

See my post on this blog




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