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Need some advice re visit to see GP on Thursday!


Hi, I have a very long story and will not bore you with it! After 14 years of being very unwell and having a dx of Cronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was finally dx last year with Lupus (autoimmune condition, were body attacks itself)

Anyway, last Jan (2012) I put on a stone in weight, I blamed medication, as I dont have a great appetite I knew it was not what I was eating. Anyway, although the weight has gone up and down (by a few pounds) it is continuing, albeit slowly to increase, I have been tested in the past for thyroid problems but results always been ok (all women in my mothers family had problems with thyroid have had ops to remove them) However, I read a post on health unlocked last week, someone had posted a link to a day time programme discussing thyroid problems. I have all of the symptoms!

So even though I said I wouldn't bore you, I still haven't asked my question!! I really dont know anything about thyroid problems, as although it is in the family, all of them have passed away, so can't get any info from them.

With all my previous tests coming back ok, what should I be asking my doctor? I have not eaten properly since last Nov. and GP said its is because I am not doing any exercise (although I have had the same level of fitness for the last 4 years) back in Dec he asked me if I was off my food as their was fat in my water, although he didn't seem particularly concerned about this. I am managing to eat a little more now, but quite honestly I think I should be about 7st and I am now over 11st. My usual weight is 9st 7lb and has been for years! (Last time I was this weight, I was about to give birth!) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading this book!!!!! Take care :)

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I don't know all the answers but I also have a diagnosis of CFS, along with Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroid. They key to finding out about your thyroid and the first step would probably be, to get hold of your blood test results. Sometimes the docs say they are normal, when in-fact they are not. If you post the results on this group and ask for peoples opinions, you will get a good response. You are entitled to get copies of your test results and can usually get them for the receptionist at your Gp. Try to get at least the last few, so you can see what's happening. If your thyroid hasn't been tested recently, ask for tests, they will test for TSH but ask if you can have FT4 as well as this gives you more information. You could ask for FT3 too, which is really useful but they won't always test this.

Good luck and well done on trying to get to the bottom of your own health, it can be a long journey but don't give up!

Denise X x

Hi Denise, and thank you for your response :) I thought it hadn't posted as I can't see it on my computer at all!!!

Anyway, I will ask him tomorrow, about these tests you have suggested and will ask receptionist for copies of the previous test. At least I can go armed with some knowledge!

I know the weight gain is not normal, it feels like I have been blown up, also have lots of throat issues, swellings and unable to swallow, feels like I have something pressing on my throat, its always there to some degree, is this common although this may just be another Lupus thing!!

I have for too long just accepted things as well its just another thing to add to the list, I think we have to be our own little investigator as quite often we are fobbed off! But I know that this is not right and I am not letting it go! Thank you again for your response, hope you are well, take care Mandy x

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